Applications: Getting Started

An application can be created for any system that produces/provides webhooks. has developed an initial JSON spec for defining how webhooks are described within an application. This spec can be used to generate documentation, test cases, and other developer friendly resources.

We recognize that webhooks are part of the API but in many cases they are documented separately and appear to be somewhat of an afterthought in many cases. For this reason we really wanted to create a JSON specification that was easy to author and allow for maximum flexibly. For example, a key to many API implementations is versioning, however when reviewing hundreds of webhook implementations across the web, only a very small fraction dealt with versioning. Versioning is at the core of our spec.

It is also very important to note that you can author your JSON spec file as basic or detailed as you would like. The more detail that is provided will allow for leveraging the excellent feature set that is currently available and on the roadmap.

Create Your First Application

If you haven't yet, create your free account. After completing the signup process, you will need to login and click the Applications option from the top navigation.

1. Create an Application

The first thing we need to do is define the general application information. You will see no applications are currently in your list so click the Create Application button to begin the setup. Complete the form and click Submit at the bottom.

2. Create Application Version

Now that the Application is defined, we can begin to define the versions of our webhook application. In many cases there will currently only be one version of the application - this is ok lets go ahead and define it.